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1.    Where did Elmer live?
2.    Did he remember the events of 1066?
3.    What did his uncle think about the Normans?
4.    What did Elmer think about the Normans?
5.    Where did the boys decide to go?
6.    Who was Hereward the Wake?
7.    Where was the English camp?
8.    Why couldn't the Normans get to the English camp?
9.    What did the Normans build?
10.    Who helped the Normans build it?
11.    Why did the Normans decide to use a witch?
12.    How did Elmer help his friends? 
13.    Why did Hereward, Elmer and Sigurd have to run away?
14.    What happened to Elmer in the end?
15.    What has the ring brought to its owner in this story?

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